• New advertising campaigns and how to help us out

    Posted on Monday 05/10/2015 12:55

    We're on the lookout for new tutors to join Tutlings so if you know of anyone who might benefit from managing all of their tuition services online, and for free, then please spread the name of Tutlings. This week is the start of a new marketing campaign to try and get into even more households - you may start seeing our adverts on Facebook or even in your Google search results.

    We're a small business and we can always use any extra help with getting the word out there. If you're a tutor, simply posting your profile to your Facebook page or tweeting about us can make the world of difference. As for students - if your current tutor isn't already on Tutlings, why not mention it next time you're with them - we're always on the lookout for lovely new tutors. Once they're on the site, you'll also be able to leave them a reference which will help them get even more students like you.

    Otherwise, it's back to the advertising boards for us - have a great week.


  • A whole new Tutlings

    Posted on Wednesday 23/09/2015 13:34

    It's been a long time coming. We started on our re-imagining of how Tutlings both functions and how it looks, about a year ago. We decided to move towards a more open and easier way of allowing students and tutors to communicate. Where you would have previously had to decide on a date and time before being given the contact details of the tutor you were keen on, you can now just message them and discuss your requirements before having to settle on a date and time to meet. We believe this kind of open communication between the community is only going to help Tutlings grow from strength to strength.

    And that's not all that's been achieved. We have completely redesigned the site to be more mobile friendly and along with the new Inbox structure and chat functionality, we've changed up the look of almost every single page on the site. Tutors now also have the ability to customise their description that appears on the profile meaning no more automatically generated blurb being displayed - a great advantage to tutors who want to provide a bit more of a personal feel to their profile page. From clearer and easier to read search results and tutor profiles, to text reminders of upcoming sessions and outstanding tuition requests - Tutlings is basically a completely new offering.

    Even with all of this development time, we're still keeping Tutlings free. We have plans to bring about all kinds of new and exciting features in the coming months and we'll keep you posted when they happen. For now, enjoy the new look and feel of Tutlings and please don't hesitate to give us some feedback on how you're finding it.

    Thanks for the continued support!

  • Tutlings Beat Service Problem

    Posted on Sunday 01/12/2013 20:00

    Hi everyone - just to let you know that we recently had a problem with our text messaging service and you might've received some old messages in your inbox this evening. This was a problem with SMS gateway that we're working on - apologies if you received any old text messages.

    -- Tutlings Team

  • Exam Results

    Posted on Tuesday 20/08/2013 07:38

    Congratulations to all A Level students that have gained a place at university. With Standard Grade, Highers and A Level results out it's just GCSE students biting their nails as they wait on their grades. We wish them the best of luck. As the start of a new academic year creeps up on us we know that our tutors are going to be busy with tuition requests rolling in. Enjoy the anxiety and excitement of a fresh start, after all it's not too long until the October holidays!

  • Clementine the Coo is out! Music tutors rejoice!

    Posted on Sunday 13/01/2013 15:34

    It's a little known fact that we at Tutlings name all of our release cycles. These releases are basically the bundling up of loads of great new features and fixes we're wanting to release to the site. Rather than call them a boring number, we name these cycles. Today we can announce the release of Clementine the Coo!

    This is a major release and brings with it some really exciting new features:

    • Music instrument support.
    • Music grade selection for tutors as well as tutlings.
    • Example tutors / tutlings added to your profile when you first register.
    • And Tutlings Beat - our new text messaging service.


    Music instrument support now brings about the ability for music teachers around the UK to be able to show exactly which instruments they tutor and at which levels / grades. There are so many people out there looking for music tuition and we hope that Tutlings can now help those tutors out with some new students, as well as provide a great platform for them to manage all their ongoing sessions in a new and efficient way!

    We have also introduced a new example tutor / tutling which is added to your profile when you first register. This means that new users to the site will be able to see exactly what a connection will look like, and be able to see the great features that are available to you to manage your ongoing tuition sessions - like notes against sessions, messaging to your tutor / tutling and payment tracking. The example tutor / tutling connection is now there to test all these great features out.

    Whilst we're talking about messaging, let me introduce the new Tutlings Beat. This new feature enables a currently free text messaging service to our users when it comes to tuition requests. We find that not everyone always has access to their emails and when a tuition request comes in requiring your attention, you need to be able to respond to it as soon as possible. Tutlings Beat now enables that as a default, allowing you to receive a request update text message on your mobile phone. We also realise that some people won't want this sort of service - users can just disable this notification through their profile settings. You can also just reply with STOP to the text notification and we'll automatically remove you from the service. We're hoping this new efficient way of notifying users of requests will mean that there's less waiting between the initial request and confirming a session time.

    That's about it for now - we hope you're enjoying Tutlings and we're open to any new suggestions that you have. We're also always keen on feedback from our users - many of the new features rolled out today are the result of some very useful user feedback - so don't hesitate to contact us.

    Enjoy the new site updates and let us know if you spot any issues!

  • January exams and coursework deadlines

    Posted on Sunday 06/01/2013 19:31

    As we come to the end of the Christmas break I’m looking ahead to what’s in store for me next term. As  a secondary school teacher I know that January can be a crazy month with mock exams and coursework deadlines. Pupils can become overwhelmed with the pressure and parents often seek tutors to help out. 

    A survey commissioned by EdPlace found that parents are spending £6 billion on private tuition each year! Tutlings wants to reduce the cost of tuition for parents by connecting them with tutors in their area directly without charging agency fees. 

    We now have over 400 tutors and more than 600 users across the UK which means lots of new connections are being made. Remember that promoting your own Tutlings tutoring profile may boost your chances of receiving tuition requests so why not share your profile on Facebook or Twitter?

  • Music Tutors Rewarded

    Posted on Sunday 23/12/2012 12:04

    We've got some great news today for all the music tutors out there. Tutlings will soon be rolling out new features that will allow music tutors to be able to select the instruments that they are looking to teach as well as their experience level on each instrument. This new feature will also allow Tutlings to provide all kinds of other tuition subjects that aren't necessarily related to academics. We've taken onboard loads of feedback from tutors out there who have already signed up to Tutlings and we can't emphasize enough how helpful it's been. The new features mentioned above are the results of that exact kind of feedback, reminding our users that at Tutlings we're always listening and we're here to help.

    Hope you all have a fantastic xmas break and we'll let you know as soon as the new music features go live.

  • Site updates and cropping

    Posted on Sunday 09/12/2012 17:27

    It's been a crazy weekend. Loads of new tutor profiles have been streaming in, and we've been working hard to respond to all questions and issues our new users have been raising - and it's been a pleasure. We've had some great feedback from people - even at 1:30am, telling us how great the site is - so thanks everyone for this positive feedback.

    As with all new systems, as we've had more users joining, it's put our site through it's paces. It's helped expose issues in the registration and profile creation process and we've been working all hours to correct them. We found a large number of users were not validating their email addresses so we've built more reminders into the interface, adjusted the welcome email, and changed a bit of the workflow. So far it seems to be working and we've got far less people not validating their emails within the first few minutes of registration - which is great news.

    We also realised quite quickly that our method of profile photo upload was too basic. Users were previously unaware of the automatic cropping and resizing that would go on behind the scenes. This resulted in a few profile photos coming through for moderation that were, well, let's just say they weren't the ideal photos you'd like to market yourself with. As a result, we have just rolled out our new photo upload / cropping feature which is all done inline to your tutor profile creation. Users can now upload, crop and decide exactly how their profile picture should appear before it's passed on to us for moderation. We hope the new features help users pick the very best photo for their profile. If you do come across any issues using this new system, don't hesitate to let us know.

    That's all for now. We are so stoked with all the new signups and everyone who's shown interest in our site. Keep spreading the word and remember that the more people who know about us, the more chance of tutoring requests for you!

  • New Profiles

    Posted on Saturday 08/12/2012 13:20

    It has been an exciting few days for Tutlings with new tutors from London, Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh and Wolverhampton offering tuition for 17 different subjects. We're hoping to reach our target of 50 Tutors by next week.

  • Tutlings goes live!

    Posted on Saturday 01/12/2012 19:03

    And we're here to change the way you and the rest of the world manages their tuition! It's been over 10 months since we sat throwing around the initial ideas of what Tutlings would be and what it could accomplish. To say that the site has grown and developed since those initial ideas would be an understatement. The features that are now available to tutors and parents alike, mean that not only do you make your first connections with your tutors and tutlings on our site, you also now have a great platform to manage all your tuition going forward. And we aren't slowing down - we'll be continuing to roll out great new features as we grow. Our plan is to launch Tutlings worldwide. If you'd like Tutlings in your country, please let us know.

    We're so happy with how it's looking and we really think that with Tutlings, we can make a difference to education and make affordable tuition accessible for everyone. If you haven't yet done so, register an account and check out the great features Tutlings offers.